Marketing ideas for conventions

Selling tickets is stressful for event organizers. If you’ve tried every promotional idea, then it’s time to think outside of the box. Here are some unique and clever promotional ideas that will increase tickets and sales.

Social Media Campaigns

One of the best ways to market your event is by creating a social media campaign. You should it clear to your audience that you’re going to be attending your convention. Take this opportunity to promote your brand’s presence by combining geo-targeted search with social media ads. This is your best bet since it’s hard to reach out to the people on your e-mail list.

Include the convention’s name, hashtag, and any other relevant information. Don’t forget to include what your brand has to offer at this event. Are you giving away free tips? Or are you hosting a happy hour? Make this clear in your social media campaign so attendees know what to expect. Promote your brand’s presence as early as possible to attract more people to your booth.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become beneficial for businesses. While this social media trend has been around for well over a year, it’s been increasing in use. Instagram Stories has reached over 300 million users as of November 2017, according to Brands are using this form of social media to be discovered on the platform.

Instagram Stories are the perfect way to promote your brand and future convention. Have someone on your team introduce themselves to your followers. Think of unique ways to attract people to your booth. Sometimes giving away free stuff helps. More on this later. In addition, Instagram Stories that are sponsored can help you reach a larger audience.

YouTube Channel

Consider starting your own YouTube channel. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, which owns YouTube. Thanks to YouTube Live, you can create live-streaming videos in real-time to your target audience. You can come with plenty of promotional content such as introductions to keynote speakers, industry insights, practical tips on how to attend the event, and a sneak peek at your booth.

E-Mail Marketing

This is also a good time to step up your e-mail marketing efforts. If you’re just blasting everyone on your e-mail list, then you’re going to miss out on prospective clients. Segment your list into categories or certain demographics. Then you can create an e-mail marketing campaign that’s tailored to each of those groups. This is an efficient form of e-mail marketing that’s made possible with platforms such as Emma or MailChimp.

Trade Show Models

Hiring trade show models are some of the best options for marketing your business at a convention. Our modeling agency offers trade show models in Las Vegas, NV and trade show models in Orlando, FL. Although promotional models might seem expensive, they can actually be quite affordable. They are also some of the best brand ambassadors for your company to help generate leads.

Online Advertising

It’s also a good time to invest in online ads. This doesn’t mean you should spend more money. In fact, you should spend money the smart way. Use Boostable or ToneDen that helps you attract your target audience for the event. Using a combination of A/B testing and algorithms allows you to hone and refine your online advertising efforts so you make the most out of them.

Cash Cubes

Cash cubes have become one of the most popular promotional ideas for conventions. Who doesn’t want to receive free money? The great thing about this promotional idea is that you can adjust the amount of money your budget allows and the money used for the prizes can be used for any denomination you want. You can also create custom printed money that can be used towards your products and services. Imprinting your log on your money is a great way to increase branding.

Food & Beverages

People love food and drink as much as they love winning free money. This will attract more people to your booth. Consider setting up a coffee machine, popcorn cart, or a cart with baked goods that provide a delicious incentive for your visitors. Even consider strategically placing free candy on display areas that are within eyeshot of your attendees. Keeping a member of staff nearby is a great way to encourage interactions with potential clients.

Promoting your convention is easier than you think. You don’t have to have a big marketing budget to take advantage of some of these promotional ideas. Just pick one or two and measure your efforts, so you can focus on the ones that increase sales.